The meaning of growing

Lime Tree

Remember our tree? A week later and it’s a whole wall of leaves. The houses across the street could not be seen.

It makes me think about growth. Growth can have different meanings for some and for others. Growth for many can mean success. Yes, it is certainly nice having success, and earn more money. But when it becomes a lifestyle change, and I do not like it so much.

Artisans are those who work independently, enjoy what they do, are happy with the fruits of their labor, and for them to grow means doing things better and better.

I don’t know if you are agree with me, but if so, I invite you to I Pledge Handmade. There you can say what you think about handmade and why you support the handwork. At the end they invite you to spread the love in the social medias or in your blog with a little banner.

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