Knitting with the Circular Needle

Knitting in progress

Some days ago we talk about a new knit tools we recently got.

The circular needles aren’t the first we have, but the first that really works. The ones we had acquired before had problems in the junction between the needle and the cable, snagging the stitches there. At the end, the yarn finished ruined and we abandon in the attempt. Now the smooth cable join lets the stitches slide around the knitting needles.

The first feeling was rare. I lacked the straight needles under my arms, and was afraid of not having enough strength in my hands to knit an entire row. But I adapted quickly and my hands suffer not.

Before, we only use straight needles for making the brim hats, and the last rows where difficult to knit, because as the stitches are increasing they don’t enter in the needle. The circular needle helps us in this part of the hat.

In the coming days we will complete some hats we have been preparing and post them in our store. If you want to be updated about new items we invite you to sign up for our newsletter.

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